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• Together: we engage to establish How this approach to your property should
             be engaging with the planting, low on ground lighting & the visuals that would

             announce something special is behind these walls.

        • The illumination of the mountain behind with glimpses that come from the home
             create the magic that is this unique site & your forever home.

        • Once the main entry is breached the special & unique element of a
             commissioned hanging sculptural (chandelier) would begin to set the

             surprise of what is beyond the stone walls & windows. Your mountain yard…

        • There would also be a key sculptural art piece in the yard as well that speaks
             back to the hints of the chandelier. Commissioned ‘Art to tie together your likes.

        This is the general approach that together we will take to establish this home
        as an Architectural Gem.

              Gerald Olesker
        Architectural Industrial Designer, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur

                                                                                       The following pages are meant as examples of our work
                                                                                                     & are not the final product for you home.
                                                                                           We prefer to create a unique setting for each project
                                                                                                       as exemplified on the following pages.

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