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Hello Client,

      Hope all is well in each of your communities …
      We reach out to set a time for a Zoom call to discuss the decorative lighting for your projects 9both special and elevated)…

      I know sometimes it seems premature to discuss decorative lighting, however, we know that to properly address this as Architecture from
      curbside to pool side, we do this early on.
      This eliminates construction error and verifies that our timing with design collab, sketching and budgets all line up…

      The best projects that reflect this collaboration of all the team with us is why our portfolio shows show well… (but that is because we are
      blessed with great people to work for/ with).
      Are you all available next week date/ time specific?

      We look forward to a brief ½ hour discussion to establish the overall criteria for Design/ Budget & Time… This is what makes us all
      successful in this process.

      Looking forward,

      Cc: adg PM

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